In the heart of Westover, Maryland lies God's Country Harvest Farms, the epitome of farm-fresh quality. From our grass-fed beef and tender pork to our organic free-range eggs, we ensure nature's best reaches your plate. Our reliable tractor trailers and inviting shop, complete with Bintelli Golf Carts, underscore our commitment to excellence. With every visit, savor the authenticity of our produce and bask in our genuine warmth. Join us, and be part of a community that values both taste and trust.



God's Country Harvest Farms

Tucked away in the scenic landscapes of Westover, Maryland, God’s Country Harvest Farms represents more than just a business—it embodies a philosophy. A philosophy rooted in the belief that nature, when respected and nurtured, yields the most flavorful and nutritious produce. Our pastures bear testament to this, with cattle grazing freely, pigs roaming with curiosity, and chickens exploring under open skies. Every cut of our grass-fed beef, every ounce of our tender pork, and each of our free-range eggs carries with it a story of dedication, care, and a commitment to the rhythms of nature.

Yet, we’re not just about farming. Our operations extend to a fleet of versatile tractor trailers, designed to cater to a spectrum of needs, ensuring our reach is as expansive as our passion. And as you step into our shop, you’ll be greeted not just by the aroma of fresh produce but also by the sight of our sleek Bintelli Golf Carts—a testament to our diverse offerings. But no matter the service, the core remains unchanged: at God’s Country Harvest Farms, we promise unparalleled quality and a genuine desire to make every interaction, whether it’s a purchase or a simple conversation, a special one. Join our journey, where nature’s best meets heartfelt hospitality.

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Stephen W.
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We had a wonderful experience at Queen City Carts . Our salesman Scott was very helpful and knowledgeable about the different types of carts. He let us drive several of the carts they had which made our decision easier. Our cart was ordered and delivered to us in a little over a week.
Brandon B.
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Had a great experience at Queen City Carts. Originally I wanted a used cart but after looking at other brands the team patiently let us try each one and see what best fit our family. We were happy with our purchase and how well we were taken care of by the team at Queen City Carts. Highly recommended!
Holland M.
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The guys at Queen City carts know their stuff. They had such a great selection which made it hard for us to choose, but Steve’s knowledge and passion for Golf Carts lead us to the perfect cart for us. We’re happy we decided to purchase our first cart through them.
Teresa W.
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This place is AMAZING !!!! Thank you so much!!!Scott Hill is the best !!! Just bought a 2022 Lime green cart !!! Can’t wait to show it off. The buying process was easy and quick. They definitely go out of their way to get you in the cart that you want !!! Thanks again!! First time owners!!! WooooHoooo