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Nestled within the verdant expanses of Westover, Maryland, lies the heart and soul of God’s Country Harvest Farms. Here, farming isn’t just an occupation—it’s a passion, a calling. Our expansive pastures resonate with the gentle hum of nature, where cattle saunter, pigs play, and chickens thrive under the open embrace of the sky. The flavors of our grass-fed beef, the richness of our pork, and the wholesomeness of our free-range eggs are testaments to our unwavering commitment to sustainable and natural farming practices.

But our horizon extends beyond the pastures. Our dedicated fleet of tractor trailers ensures that the essence of God’s Country reaches far and wide. A visit to our store not only brings you closer to nature’s bounty but also offers a glimpse of our eclectic range, from fresh produce to our stylish Bintelli Golf Carts. At the heart of it all is a promise: every product, every service, is delivered with unmatched quality and a touch of personal care. Dive into an experience where nature’s abundance meets genuine connection at God’s Country Harvest Farms.